REWIND: the web series of the Face Up project.

A fusion of fiction, documentary, and archival footage intertwines to chronicle the common pasts, presents, and potential futures of seven European cities united by a shared industrial heritage.

The focal points of this web series are seven European cities:
Valdagno and Schio in Italy, Gabrovo in Bulgaria, Gijon in Spain, Lodz in Poland, Osijek in Croatia, and Oberhausen in Germany.

These cities bear the indelible marks of their industrial legacy, which have not only defined their physical landscapes and historical narratives but are also prompting them to reevaluate their environments, timelines, and requirements in envisioning tomorrow.

The web series is part of FA.C.E. U.P. (FACTORY CITIES IN EUROPE: UNITED IN PARTNERSHIP), a project supported by the European Union’s CERV Programme

Rewind” consists of 9 episodes, directed by Renzo Carbonera and Andrea Colbacchini.
The series will be released one episode per week on Tuesday afternoons at 6:00 PM

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