Studio Progetto Cooperativa Sociale


Studio Progetto is a non-profit organization founded in Valdagno (VI) in 1989, which has been constantly growing up per type of services and number of employees: now Studio Progetto counts about 250 participants. It is inspired by the principles of the World Cooperative Movement: mutuality, solidarity, democracy, involvement, balance and sharing of responsibilities, communitarian spirit and a balanced relation with the State and the Public Institutions. It pursues the general interest of the community toward human promotion and social integration of citizens, managing health, social and educational services and promoting entrepreneurial activities, aimed at providing employment for disadvantaged people.

Studio Progetto is based in Cornedo Vicentino and operates mainly in the West side of the province of Vicenza in North-Eastern Italy. The main cities are Valdagno (27.000 inhabitants), Cornedo (12.000 inhabitants) and Arzignano (26.000 inhabitants). The entire area counts about 100.000 inhabitants with 18% of the population aged between 14 and 30 years old. This is a rural area, historically closed and not well connected with the main centres.


Studio Progetto works in several areas:
Minor and Youth Area
Includes Youth Information Centres/Offices in the Vicenza province, addressed particularly to young people (13-30 years old). Their aim is to prevent the social hardship by giving information, increasing individual skills and encouraging the creation of informal groups through participatory activities. We also organize Summer Camps and Educational after-school Programs for children aged 6-14, mainly with a homework support program and re-creational activities. We also manage inclusion projects for migrants coming from Africa and Asia hosting about 40 refugees in cooperation with the local institutions (Municipalities of Valdagno, Prefettura di Vicenza). In 2018 we entered in the Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (former SPRAR – SIPROIMI – now SAI). At local level, the local institutions, in cooperation with voluntary sector organisations, undertake ‘integrated reception’ interventions going beyond the simple distribution of food and housing, also providing complementary services such as legal and social guidance and support, and the development of individual programmes to promote socio-economic inclusion and integration

Health Area
Includes Home Care services, a complex of social assistance services offered for elder people, the disabled and children, and Support services for Family Doctors, such as secretariat and nursing services in associated doctor’s offices.

Disability Area
Manages “No Problem” Office, a social-rehabilitative program for patients with brain shock and/or with acquired neurological disability. The main activities are data entry, copy shop, paper craftworks and music therapy workshops.

Mental health Area
Is composed by two daily centres for patients with mental disease and social outcomes: “La Lanterna” is a restoration lab of antique furniture, and “Il Faro” deals with biological horticulture and artistic workshop.

Work integration Area
Helps the work placement integration for people with social disadvantage. The main activities are cleaning and clothes pattern making.

In the last 8 years the Cooperative set several collaboration with partners from all over the world. Thanks to international networks (Eurodesk, ALDA) we get in contact with different type of organizations (NGO, public bodies, local associations, fundations etc.), developing several projects, mainly in the framework of Youth in Action and Erasmus+ programmes. Studio Progetto promotes active participation of youngsters through volunteerism and events management. Our international experience is based mainly in the Erasmus+ program (K1, K2 and K3), but we got also a project financed by Europe for Citizens program.


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