Goal – to write the text and dialogues for the Italian episode of the series 

Schio, Italy
7th, 8th, 9th July 2023 
Schio, Italy c/o Faber Box di Schio (VI)

A Theatre Writing Workshop: three days of training held by the professional actor, trainer and playwriter Paolo Balzani from the local theatre association “Schio Teatro 80”. The training was facilitated by Alda staff. The workshop (which was open to public for free of charge), provided a comprehensive overview of the various facets of theatrical writing. The topics covered have included the fundamentals of playwriting, the definition of characters and scenes, the various theatrical styles, dialogue and monologue.

The workshop included a theoretical introduction to playwriting, which was followed by collective and individual practical exercises. The exercises were aimed at the formulation of a monologue suitable for the TV series realised by the FACE UP project. The participants were guided in the collective definition of some fundamental characteristics of the monologue: definition of the character, scene, message and key moments. Besides, participants were also able to practice writing and performing individual monologues, including receiving individual feedback from an experienced professional.  

As part of the practical exercises, there was also a guided tour of the renowned Jacquard garden in Schio, an historic site, dating back to the 19th century, which has a strong link to the town’s industrial past, as it was originally commissioned by Alessandro Rossi and designed to include a recreation center for the workers of the Rossi wool mill, as well as a theater. The garden was accessible to the public during the workshop, thanks to ALDA’s close collaboration with the Municipality of Schio, overseeing the entity of the site. An official guide from the municipality has accompanied participants, providing a comprehensive introduction to the site’s history and relevance. In this process participants had the opportunity to learn more about a fundamental site of Schio’s industrial heritage, creating a direct link with the activities and objectives of the FACE UP project. At the same time, the visit served to create a common setting in which the participants could imagine the development of the monologue, which was the subject of the other practical exercises.

40 participants aged 18+ attended the three-days’ workshop. The participants were from the diverse group of theater and writing enthusiasts, including amateur actors, art students, theater-goers and the simply curious persons. The group composed of both women and men, was residing in the Schio and Vicenza area.

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