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In the second half of the nineteenth century, industrial cities – also named workers’ villages – arose throughout Europe. Built to complement existing cities or as new foundations in the countryside, these settlements were byproducts of the entrepreneurial and cultural strategy that has characterized industrial production since the Industrial Revolution, therefore representing an important part of local heritage in many European regions.

In this framework, the FACE UP project aims at creating a network of towns to explore together how to foster citizens’ awareness of the historical-industrial heritage of European factory towns to contribute to and improve the debate on the future of Europe.

The goal of this network will be to explore common roots to identify best practices, create a path of historic, economic, and social awareness fostering the participation of citizens in different countries, reflecting on new perspectives of cooperation between the private and public sectors to boost social welfare, equity, and justice, creating concrete examples of innovative and inclusive territorial welfare. 

The project wants to address the priority “Fostering a sense of belonging to Europe by promoting the debate on the future of Europe”, focusing on the topic of the Conference on the future of Europe “A stronger economy, social justice, and jobs – An economy that works for you”. The project wants to focus on general citizens, aiming at enriching their competencies and knowledge about the industrial history and the common European past, as we have noticed that there is a general lack of awareness, mostly among young people, on this part of our historical and cultural heritage, which is not sufficiently represented and communicated.


ITALY: Studio Progetto (lead partner) – Comune di Valdagno
FRANCE: ALDA – Comune di Schio
BULGARIAMunicipality of Gabrovo
CROATIACulture Centre – City of Osijek
GERMANYMunicipality of Oberhausen
POLAND: University of Lodz – City of Lodz
SPAINCity of Gijon 

Associated partners
SWEDENNorrköpings Stadsmuseum
NORTH MACEDONIAMunicipality of Novaci

Face Up project has foreseen 3 international meetings (Italy, Poland, Spain) among the partner network and local activities in each partner country:
Realization of a Tv Series conceived during the 1st international seminar in Italy and each episode was detailed locally. 
Local workshops, which were held in order to define the story and dynamics of each episode of the TV series. Each local partner organized and managed its local workshop. 
Realization of a virtual museum: we launched an open call in each country to collect images from the ancient towns to set up a virtual museum.

Partners released Educational paths for citizens with a special attention to young people, focusing on citizens participation and consciousness about the themes of the project (history of company towns in Europe, public/private welfare, EU values and objectives). 
Workshops for Companies and citizens were opened in order to collect the best practices of the “territorial welfare” and to share among the partners’ network.

The main output of the project will be a TV series of 8 episodes directed and produced by Renzo Carbonera (a filmmaker and author for cinema and TV), and Andrea Colbacchini (a documentary filmmaker).
The series are set in the 7 partner cities of the project: Gabrovo in Bulgaria, Osijek in Croatia, Oberhausen in Germany, Lodz in Poland, Gijon in Spain, Schio and Valdagno in Italy. It takes viewers on a journey to discover the past, narrate the present, and imagine a possible future for the Europe.
All episodes are  conceived by the citizens of the various cities involved, who, following the director’s guidance, wrote the scenes and dialogues.

email: faceup@studioprogetto.org
Contact person: 
Alessandra Dal Pozzolo +39 335 329542 
Studio Progetto Cooperativa Sociale

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