Goal – to write the text and dialogues for the German episode of the series

Oberhausen, Germany
13th of June, 04th and 11th of July 2023
Public space at Oberhausen Station and NGO kitev, tour through city and all potential venues, Café with authors

We shared the film’s project in a first meeting on June 13th, 2023 as part of the Creative Circle in downtown Oberhause to find out possible filming locations together among this group of actors. With the help of the participants, a character description of the actor was created, which helped the actual actor prepare for his role. We then met on July 4th, 2023 in a smaller group with the author duo in Oberhausen to inspect the selected filming locations. Locations were visited, their possible camera settings and perspectives were examined. Short film recordings of the respective location were made on site by the team of authors, which were then made digitally, available to the film team in Italy for viewing. 
In the end, the group has chosen three filming locations in consultation with the authors. The last meeting took place on July 11th between the author team. The script was discussed and finalized before submission. 

We found the participants in the first two workshops as part of the Oberhausen Creative Circle. This is a regularly meeting group of creative citizens of Oberhausen who, together, always try to make life in the city centre more colourful and creative. All participants were very open to the topic and were keen to take part in the script design process. The professional team of authors, consisting of an actress and a video artist, was hired parallel to the workshop to work together to write the many ideas from the creative circle into a finished script. 
We have paid a great attention to the diversity among the participants and a wide range of different age and origin groups. We also endeavoured to invite a balanced number of men and women. The event was open to anyone interested in industrial culture, cultural change, film and media. 
A local workshop with 40 citizens was organised also in Norrköpings (Sweden) by our associated partner Norrköpings Stadsmuseum. A script was produced and used to film the second episode in Croatia.

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