Goal – to write the text and dialogues of the Polish episode of the serie

Lodz, Poland 
15th May 2023, 30th June 2023, 03rd July 2023 
University of Lodz, Faculty of Geographical Sciences 

The aim of the workshops was to gather a wide range of ideas from various stakeholders (students, University staff, citizens) for collective decision making and development of the script for the FA.C.E U.P. TV series: episode 1. For the preparation of this workshop, the “persona creation” tool was used. It is a tool classified as a group-centred learning methodologies that supports co-creation in education (approach used in Education 4.0).  Co-creation connects all stakeholders to mutually elaborate a valuable result, which is the mixture and combination of jointly developed ideas.

In the event students and staff of the Faculty, inhabitants of Lodz have been participating, who were invited by the two first groups.  

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