Local workshop: Gijion, Spain

Goal – to write the text and dialogues for the Spanish  episode of the series 

Gijon, Spain
From 06th of July 2023 to 17th of August 2023
Ensanche del Arenal

A commented itinerary was designed through the old Ensache de El Arenal, showing the changes that took place in this area from its birth (due to the industrial development of Xixón in the last quarter of the 19th century, through the growth in the decades from 1950 to 1970, when tourism became popular in the city), to the present day. For this purpose, a route was structured around the most representative spaces of the workers’ housing, factories, bourgeois housing and leisure areas, in which the most representative spaces and buildings of a certain moment were chosen as stopping points.

The local activity aimed at reviving memories of Gijón’s industrial era (1959-1990s) by stimulating spatial, temporal, and emotional recollections. The aim was achieved through the comparison of old photos with current locations, and fostering dialogue on the city’s changes over sixty years. The itineraries chosen for the workshop or a relaxed summer walk, aimed at facilitating in the sharing experiences and opinions, and steering clear of tensions in traditional interview formats. Ultimately, the goal was to reconstruct the life of a central character of the Spanish episode geographically, historically, and culturally through shared testimonies, creating a collective narrative that reflects Gijón’s evolution over the decades and draws on industrial heritage values for the city’s future.

In the event were involved adults aged 18 and over, who had a citizen’s card and identifying them as citizens of Gijón . Registration was voluntary through the Guíame programme, with no other requirements than being a citizen of Gijón and having a citizen’s card. A total of 12 editions of this itinerary were held from 6 July to 17 August. All of the participants (124 people) between 20 and 74 years old, were residents of Xixón.




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