Located in the north of Spain is the most important coastal enclave of the Asturias region and maritime capital of the Principality. It is also the most populated city of Asturias, with around 273.000 inhabitants.

Based on its recent history, it is one of a city that has experienced its greatest growth under the impulse of the industrial revolution and an economy marked by coal, iron and steel. However,  it has managed to reinvent itself as a quality tourist destination, a reference point for cultural activity in the North of Spain and a welcoming place for companies and industries at the forefront of technological innovation.


Gijón also counts with an European Strategy that contributes in the development of the international profile of the city.
Specifically, our city is active in several networks: EUROCITIES, Atlantic Cities and Council of Europe, that shows our international commitment as Gijón has relevant positions in the networks mentioned.
The different areas and  participation in various European projects helped us to learn and exchange experience and know-how with other European Cities. From the institutional point of view, we have 7 twin cities around the world and we have a budget line dedicated to the Development Cooperation that finances projects in all continents.
Since last year, Gijón is an Europe Direct Point, therefore we contribute even more in spreading the European spirit among our citizens.

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