Goal – to write the text and dialogues for the Bulgarian episode of the series 

Gabrovo, Bulgaria
From 14th to 16th of July 2023
Hristo Tsokev Art Gallery | Gabrovo Municipality

A  three-day face-to-face event, titled “Collaboration for Success” was focused on entrepreneurship and marketing. The forum comprised of three modules:
– Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
– Fundamentals of Marketing and Advertising,
– Teamwork and Emotional Intelligence.

Activities included presentations, discussions, and interactive sessions led by successful entrepreneurs and leaders from Gabrovo.

The FACE UP project incorporated Gabrovo industrial past into the everyday activities, showcasing the history of manufacturers significant to the Gabrovo textile industry. The overall output aimed at enhancing awareness of Gabrovo’s historical-industrial heritage and contribute to the broader European discussion on the future of Europe through the FACE UP project’s initiatives.

The event attracted 40 young people from the whole territory of Bulgaria, interested in entrepreneurship and marketing. Participants were eager individuals seeking knowledge and guidance in the specified fields.

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