Goal – to write the text and dialogues for the Croatian episode of the series

Osijek,  Croatia
The  29th of June 2023
Kulturni Centar Osijek, Conference rooms and Roof terrace. 

For the event a wide range of citizens and students were invited from the Academy of Arts in Osijek. Many of the participants were actors or theatre experts. We introduced FaceUp project to them, after which they were divided into smaller groups (6-7 participants) in order to discuss ideas and suggestions for Osijek’s episode of FaceUp series. The citizens were actively involved in making suggestions for locations, descriptions of the factories, script details etc. They were informed about the baseline of the script and also about other cities in the partnership.

Participants were citizens and students/officials from the Academy of Art Osijek, all above the age of 18. The group included all age groups, both male and female.


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